Appel d’offre pour le poste de Chef de Secteur Risques et Contrôles

Appel d'offres

Philip Morris International hiring Area Head Risk & Controls.

The Head Risk & Controls / Area Head Risk & Controls is responsible for: 

  • Leading and directing the market/area strategy and ongoing enterprise risk management and internal controls activities (i.e. risk assessment, advisory and review activities) to support the R&C central & regional function, and enable the market management with risk-based decision making; and 
  • Supporting and implementing the transformational activities led by the global Risk & Controls function to establish mature and industry-leading risk management and internal controls practice underpinned by efficient risk management processes. 

Skills and Competencies

  • Relationship Building & Positive Friction: Build an enduring relationship with all stakeholders. Use a data-driven approach to challenge constructively, assimilate different points of view and share your own opinion confidently.
  • Change Architect: Act and guide the team in times of ambiguity and effectively work with internal stakeholders.
  • Business Acumen: Deep understanding of the business operation, commercial landscape, regulatory environment, and market/area specifics. 
  • Bring Real Insights: Leverage data to bring insights and identify areas of elevated/emerging risks and articulate them clearly. 
  • Digital & Technology: Understand all technology-related risks, including data protection, privacy, and impact of using technology. 
  • Project Management: Drive, structure, oversee or support key projects and embed new ways of working. 
  • Risk Assurance & Process Excellence

Written by Abdourahmane

Je suis Diplômé en Aménagement et Gestion Urbaine en Afrique, Spécialiste en économie urbaine en même tant Reporter et Éditeur au Journal Universitaire. Je suis également un passionné des TIC.

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